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Related post: Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 22:19:02 -0600 From: Salvin Saar Subject: "Redneck Dad"His heart was pounding as he headed for his destination. It was preteen nymphet movie the house of an older man he had met several times before. Their relationship had changed over time and now it had grown more intense, keeping the young man in hot preteen hardcore a state of continuous longing and arousal. The bulge in his shorts was protruding upward, sometimes rubbing against the steering wheel as the fozya preteen forums 18 year old turned left and right and then finally down the secluded dirt road. He could feel his heart racing because he knew that what he longed for and what he had been thinking about for weeks was about to occur.He and Mack as of late, had talked almost preteen filipino models every day trying to make sure that every detail of their encounter was just as it should be. They both wanted to preteen softporn reach a new plateau of pleasure, especially since it had been so long since they had been together. The truth was, this man was old enough to be his father, but for Justin the idea of sleeping with preteens xtreme a man that was old enough to be his father was little butts preteen exactly what he wanted. For Mack, it was the same, only in reverse. He loved to preteens licking have the young man's lips around his cock and he loved to look down and see that young masculine face servicing him, as he needed to be serviced.Neither one of them had known at first that they wanted the same thing and an odd series of requests from the young man had started to clue Mack into what the kid really wanted. He wanted a Daddy type of man to dominate him and degrade him and most of all love him. Mack was only too happy to oblige. He liked to rough house with the boy and yell at him and make him obey his commands, no matter how outrageous. But of course the boy would not last long in his elevated state of arousal and had once cum with just after few cross words from Mack, as his hand roughly fondled his preteen rape movies cock. But Justin's spilled preteen naked load was no excuse to end their encounter and Mack would continue to have his way with the boy until HE was satisfied. The boy knew that his ultimate goal was to please his Daddy and invariably this lead to his own pleasure.Justin pulls up and gets out underground preteen tgp of the car and starts walking top pic preteens preteen movie free up to the dingy, run down trailer. Justin's new car looked out of place in front of what most people would consider a dump. It was obvious that Justin and Mack came from different backgrounds. Perhaps that is the reason why Justin worshiped Mack. He was the rugged male role model he sexi litlles preteens had always idealized: an aged, rough and tough man, not someone to be spoken back too. Justin had gotten a good whack on the backside from Mack before he learned that particular lesson. Mack was not brutal however. It was just part preteen shock sex of a Dad teaching his son a lesson, not to mention the fact that it turned Justin on to be handled in such a way and Mack knew that.Justin's own home life was quite different, never having preteen boy list had a father around to guide him. Mack was definitely filling the void of father and also served in the capacity of lover and friend. It had almost seemed to Justin that fate had had a hand in it. Justin recollected the first day he had met his future Daddy...About a year earlier, as Justin was walking along the road, having run out of gas. Mack had pulled over to preteens models photos offer the young man a ride. It was a hot summer day and Justin was walking with his shirt draped over his shoulder, his nearly naked body glistening in the sun. Maybe that is why Mack couldn't resist helping the lad. Boys of that type always managed to catch his eye. Mack too was shirtless, wearing only his greasy overalls in mpegs underage preteen the humid 100 degree weather, his hairy chest glistening with sweat. The a/c in his old pickup hadn't worked in years, but Mack was used to it. He pulled up alongside Justin:"Car problems", he said with a thick Southern drawl as he leaned out the window, drinking the boy in nymphet trailerpreteensanal with his eyes. Mack has passed an abandoned car about a mile back."Yes Sir," nn preteen babies the nude preteens porn boy said, catching a good preteen forever models look at Mack's hairy preteen newsgroups chest and his rugged face. "Ran outta gas, Sir," he said, suddenly realizing he had been staring at Mack's chest.Mack gave him a nod, "hop on in, I gotta can at the preteen sites house.""Yes Sir," Justin said and got in the truck.Mack's eyes couldn't help but wander over the boy's shapely, tanned body. Justin's eyes couldn't help and notice the preteen outdoor nude big wad in the front of Mack's overalls. He could preteen pussy vids easily see the outline of Mack's cock. It started to make Justin hard and galery preteen he first anal preteens shifted a little uncomfortably in his seat, trying to hide his own preteen boy masturbation hardening member from Mack's view. Mack just gave a grin and proceeded to ask the boy where he was from. Mack preteen bodies cute was not surprised to hear that Justin was from the good and (supposedly) respectable side of town. Within a few minutes they pulled up to Mack's run down trailer."Why don't you come on in for a few minutes and let's preteen sexy modeller cool off nonude litle preteen ," Mack said, cherry popping preteens blatantly looking Justin's body over, preteens underwear modles head to toe. He also adjusted himself and rubbed his crotch and then scratched his balls as he talked to the boy. Justin's cock twitched in his shorts."Alright," Justin said a little hesitant, unsure if he was doing the right thing by going into a strange man's preteens pornstars house.They got out of the truck and walked up to the trailer. The inside was equally dumpy as the outside and it was quite obvious that there was a lack of a women's touch, with preteen brazilian its mismatched table and chairs, and old, worn out couch and a T.V. from the 70's. There were also guns hanging on the walls and a black preteen cunts few fishing polls leaning against the kitchen counter. Above preteen nonnude movies the couch was a big deer's head and next to that a mounted bass. It was definitely the house of a single man, a redneck at that, and for some reason that just turned Justin on even more."You wanna beer?" Mack asked looked over at Justin as he opened the fridge."Uh, yeah sure," Justin said, surprised to be offered one.Mack walked over and handed it to him and put his hand on Justin's shoulder."You still look pretty hot there boy. Why nn preteen skye don't preteen nn hotties you pull those shorts off for me horney preteens pics so we can both cool down a little."Then, to Justin's surprise, Mack grabbed his balls and cupped them in his hand!Justin jerked away, but Mack, having anticipated this, had put his other arm around Justin to hold him in place."Now don't be shy," he said whispering close to Justin's ear, bringing the youth's body closer to his own."I know this is what you want boy; I saw you look'in at my prick."Mack grabbed Justin's hand and placed it on his own growing bulge."See there, nothing to be afraid of. We are both men here. It'll just be between you and me boy, don't worry," Mack said as he put his hand on the back of Justin's head and pushed his tongue between the boy's lips. Justin tried only momentarily to resist but he knew Mack was right: this was what he wanted. Mack's other hand began to explore the boy's positive preteen incest landscape.Justin could do swedish preteen sex nothing but let the man run his course. Mack had transformed into a manimal in heat, consuming the boy like a precious resource. He was all over the boy, deep throating pretty model preteen his pretty face, squeezing his firm bubble butt, and running his hand across the front of the boy's shorts, his protruding cock signifying his return excitement. Justin had giving up the idea of halting the encounter: not only did he not want to, he wasn't even certain if he could, such was Mack's aggressive passion.With one quick motion, Mack had undone the boys shorts and dropped them swiftly to the floor. He momentarily fondled the boy's cock through his underwear and then quickly pulled his underpants down. Mack stood in amazement, gawking at the size of the boy's preteen nude topsites rod. It was a good 8 inches long and beautiful to behold, as was his frame. Justin became bashful and tried to cover himself, but Mack would have none of it and moved the boy's hand away and began preteen gallery upskirt slow undress preteen stroking the boy's shaft as preteen babes nn his tongue again invaded Justin's mouth.Mack was out of his overalls in a preteens ass free flash, balls and cock swinging free. Justin stood preteens gallerys fashion astonished by the naked man in front of him, amazed at the dark hair that covered Mack's body, especially around his crotch; the size of his low hanging balls mesmerized him as they swung back and forth between his solid, muscular legs. He reached his hand out and cupped the warm globes, amazed by their weight.Without a word, Mack pushed Justin down to the floor and barely had the teen gotten to his knees when Mack forced his cock between the boy's lips and pushed it into his mouth. Justin gagged, first at the unexpected intruder and then because elweb model preteen of its sheer size. But he quickly adjusted; Mack's hands securely guided his head back and fourth onto his hard tool. His tan, muscular preteens home alone arms moved the boy's head back hot nudist preteens and forth in a mechanical motion, like a well-oiled machine. Mack grunted with delight at that pleasure the boy was providing him as his cock plummeted deeper and deeper into spanish preteen his throat.Justin, having never had a cock in his mouth before, savored the salty, musky taste of Mack and preteens anal pictures greedily inhaled the masculine scent of him. This was russianblackeuro preteen models further intensified once Mack pulled his wet prick out of the boy's mouth underware preteen models and commanded the boy to lick his nuts; he rested his heavy sack on Justin's flushed preteens nymphet sex face."Yeah, lick 'em boy," Mack grunted lustily. His nuts were so big that Justin could only take one in his mouth at a time, while the other one rested on his nose. Justin could not get enough of that deep, pungent and sweet smell of Mack's sweaty tgp preteen boys balls. He tongue bathed Mack's crotch as best his could. His own cock was starting to ooze pre-cum and he reached down dog sex preteen to stroke himself, but Mack stopped him from doing so. Justin looked up child erotica preteen at Mack: "First you please your Daddy and then your Daddy pleases you." Justin nodded in understanding.Mack pulled Justin off the floor and pushed him onto the couch. Mack lay on top of the boy and started search preteen to kiss him again. Justin loved the feel of Mack's sweaty body pressed against his own. The heat in the trailer was almost unbearable, but the smell of man in the air intoxicated him.Mack turned the boy over and got him onto his hands and knees. Then he pushed the russian preteen hc boys head back down preteens porn pics so that his butt was sticking in the air. Justin felt more exposed then he ever had in his life. But he had given himself over completely to Mack. Mack felt his heart pounding in excitement as he looked closely at the boy's sweet pink pucker. He couldn't help but plunge his tongue greedily into the boy's rosebud. Justin almost jumped off the couch at the surprise of having Mack's tongue in his hole. He squirmed at first at the odd sensation, but quickly learned to love that feeling. Mack's tongue delved deeper and deeper, in and out of his tight hole. Justin's cock remained rock hard.________________________________________________________________________Mack's cock was about to burst. He knew he had myusenet preteen models to fuck the boy soon. He grabbed some gun oil off the kitchen table and squirted some onto Justin's pink pucker and then rubbed it on his own red hard prick. His monstrous cock-head was resting against Justin's pink virgin hole, his hand on the boy's shoulder. Justin's arms preteen thumbniles were resting on the arm of the couch, his butt sticking up in the air. He could see Mack behind him in the mirror on the bedroom door in front of him."This is gonna hurt boy, but I know you can take it for me," preteen tthong Mack said, looking at Justin in the mirror. Justin nodded back. Mack started to push in. Justin let out a grunt of pain and his face contorted and turned red. Mack wasn't going to be deterred easily however and Justin knew that. The look of lust in his eyes indicated just how much he wanted to fuck the boy. His heavy balls adult preteen links indicated it had been a while since he'd shot off his milky white load. Mack had de-flowered quite a few boys, it seemed. He could sense when Justin preteen de was close to his threshold of pain and just at that moment would pull back out. In Mack's mind, Justin's pain was just a rite of passage every young gay male had to endure.Justin's groans only added to Mack's determination to de-flower the boy, and he kept pushing his prick in and out with increased vigor. Justin began to edge away from Mack, off the couch, as the pain increased, but Mack put his hands on Justin's shoulders and kept the boy securely in place.Mack's patience in going slow, eventually gave out he began to fuck the boy faster than Justin could adjust to. His groaning increased to indicate this, but it fell on deaf ears. Mack had succumbed to his bodily instincts and began pumping Justin's ass with a fury.Justin was experiencing pain as he never felt before, but it was mingled with the most incredible pleasure of his life, as Mack's monstrous prick collided with his prostrate. His whining and groaning seemed to turn Mack on even more. dildo for preteens His cock was sliding in and out like lighting; Justin could feel Mack's heavy balls slamming against his smooth ass.Then Mack pulled out and in one quick moment had the boy turned over on his back. He looked the boy in the eyes as he slid preteen torrents his cock back into his hole. Justin gritted his teeth as Mack's cock invaded his boy-hole again. In and out Mack thrust his mighty shaft and Justin was now going with the flow of the fucking motion. His balls were aching with cum and the deeper Mack slammed into him the more pre-cum would drip preteen insest stories from his cock.Mack preteens forums pics was reaching his climax. He had only to look at the boy's beautiful body and face to know that he was indeed a lucky man today, to have found such a cute and willing fuck mate. Now he had to give the boy something he had preteen image video wanted to give him preteen wet from the first moment they had met-the huge load of cum in his nuts. He increased his fucking intensity momentary and plowed the boy's ass as deeply and fast as possible. All Justin could do was look up at Mack as he pounded his ass. He was so turned on at this point, that he wanted his new Daddy to cum so he could relieve his own aching balls.Mack was as preteen galleries org in a trance, his crotch pumping, quicker and quicker into the boy. Justin continued to moan and grown with of pleasure and pain as Daddy Mack's fucking frenzy increased. Then Mack pulled out hurriedly and moved to position his cock between Justin's lips, as he stroked it wildly. "Open Up, son. fresh preteen nude You're gonna take Daddy's load and you better swallow all of it too," Mack said, grabbing Justin's hair with his free hand and pulling his head back.Jets of hot white girls preteen sex cum shot into Justin opened mouth. Mack plunged his shooting cock between Justin's lips and pushed it down his throat, momentarily gagging the youth. Justin, did his best not to lose one drop of the white man juice. He had never tasted another man's cum before and found the taste unforgettable. Mack started working his cock in and out of Justin's mouth, his balls slapping against Justin's chin, and he continued to shoot his load, moaning loudly. Justin swallowed and sucked with all his might to get every last bit of Mack's nude preteen beauties load. "That's a good boy," Mack said looking down at his young lover.When Mack was done, he pulled his cock out of Justin's mouth, leaned down and kissed the teen deeply. Mack loved the boy's lips and continued to tongue him for a few minutes.Then Justin's turn came. Mack had something special in mind for his first time. Justin lay sprawled preteen rape mpegs on the couch with his legs wide open. Mack lubed up his finger and shoved it into the boy's newly stretched, but sore, hole. With the other hand he started to pinch Justin's nips, not too hard, but not too preteen summer nude soft either. He wanted Justin to have just the right ratio of pleasure to pain. Then he started to suck the boy's big cock. Mack, unlike Justin, was a pro. He had to back off several times to keep the boy from shooting too soon, as he worked his magic mouth over the tiny preteen gallery boy's throbbing rod. He continued to finger the boy's ass, while pinching his nips and sucking on his cock. Justin could hardly contain himself. He had never felt this much pleasure in his life. He didn't know it was possible to feel so good. He looked down at Mack and he knew japanise preteen model he might never experience something this erotic again in his life again.Then Mack pulled his mouth off the boy's cock and began stroking him in his hand. He leaned up and kissed the boy deeply again. "Come on son," Mack said gruffly, "Shoot your load for preteen forced rape preteen cunny free Daddy, that's cute latin preteens know you want to son....give Daddy your cum boy," Mack repeated this, like preteens nude chat a mantra. Mack's dirty talk sent Justin over the edge.Justin's back tensed up and he lost control of preteen model gina his body, which began to spasm. Mack pushed his finger as far as it would go into Justin's hole and prodded his prostrate. Justin clamped down on the big finger and the first jet of cum shot high into the air, like a geyser. Justin let out preteen free full a moan of excitement, sounding almost scripted. He could not believe the incredible feeling that washed over him preteen chineese nude as his balls started to expel their heavy load. Every preteen index pic thought, every feeling was centered on his erupting cock, and it became the focal point, seemingly, of the entire Universe. Wave preteens bbs forum after wave of boy cum shot out of the large, veiny shaft, and Justin was paralyzed with pleasure."OHHHHH!!!!" Justin gasped over and over in euphoric bliss. His body seemed stuck in one long series of involuntary spasms. Moans of pleasure and disbelief continued to escape from his lips.Mack was milking nonnude preteen teen the boy for all he was worth and Justin's hips started to work back and forth, fucking Mack's hand preteen nude naturism to match. Mack had found the man inside of Justin , the boy's instinctual urges emerging for the first time. It was russian preteens anal the most spectacular thing Justin had ever experience.After his cock had stopped shooting, Mack leaned down naturals preteens and sucked preteen dasha nude the remaining cum out of the boy's spent shaft. Justin gave a spasm in response and gasped again. His sweaty body was exhausted. His chest was rising and falling fast, at the exhilaration and excitement of his first man on man encounter. Mack leaned down and kissed the boy and then lay holding the lad in his arms. They russian sweet preteens ls preteen pthc fell into a light afternoon sleep, embraced in each other's arms.Justin, smiling at this memory, gave a knock at Mack's trailer door. "Time to see my Dad again", he preteens pic naked though excitedly. Want to read more? Let me know if you liked this story so far and I will complete it. Thanks,
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